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Developed by Rangam, SourceAbled promotes disability-inclusive employment in India. It uses a technology-enabled platform to provide life-changing career opportunities to neurodivergent talent and people with disabilities while helping employers achieve their inclusive hiring goals in an efficient and cost-effective way.


Our Credo

SourceAbled is built on the principles of empathy and inclusion. We believe that an inclusive workplace—where neurodivergent talent are understood and supported—creates an enduring culture of empathy, authenticity, and innovation.


India is known for its unity in diversity. If we all agree that unity requires inclusion and that diversity encompasses neurodiversity, we’ll take a giant step forward in our understanding of disabilities in our workplaces and society at large. With a mission to promote Employment for Everyone, SourceAbled celebrates talent with disabilities (including those with autism and neurodiversity) in all their quirks, differences, idiosyncrasies, and capabilities.

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We’re actively looking to work with rehabilitation and support service providers, corporates, sheltered/community employment providers, self-help groups, NGOs, vocational training institutes, schools/universities, media personalities, social media influencers, or anybody who can do their bit to further inclusive employment in India. If this interests you, register with us and be a champion in your city.

You can register even if you don’t see your city listed under ‘Our Locations’.